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Wema Hospital's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We believe in providing services to improve the overall health in the slum and educate the community on preventative health through our outreach programs. 


Wema Hospital was founded in 2003 by Dr. George Guto (Clinical services), Dr. Joshua Asava (Laboratory Services), and Dr. Evans Obare (Pharmaceutical Services).  We began with only two rooms, one as the waiting room and one as the doctor’s office where diagnoses took place.There was a small room off to the side for the laboratory.  Within one year servicing Kawangware as a medical clinic, we managed to expand the hospital to 8 rooms to accommodate the enormous growth and success we had experienced over a short period of time. Due to the large amount of poverty in the slum, our growth was restricted and minimized to bare minimum since most of the patients couldn’t afford to pay their bills.  To this day some patients still use their identity cards as collateral for treatment. ​Our growth and success has allowed us to have the government of Kenya partner with us to be the TB treatment centre for the slum.  We have also grown from being a maternity only admission to a 10 bed outpatient facility with a 24 hour clinical and diagnosis center being run by highly skilled and educated professionals. Currently we are able to serve hundred of patients on a weekly basis with our minimal resources.



  • Dr. George Guto

  • Dr. Evans Obare

  • Dr. Benfield Tai


Laboratory Medicine


  • Joshua Asava

  • Ben Mutua




  • Mary Bitengo

  • Millicent Shanyiza

  • Winnie


Support Staff


  • Margret (Maggie) Kimotho

  • Obama and Gabi the Cats 


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