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Outreach Programs


TB Outreach

  • Patients receive free treatment for TB on Tuesdays

  • Wema is the designated center in the slum recognized by the government for TB treatment


Ultrasound Services

  • Ultrasound equipment is available every Wednesday for patients who need scans

  • Offered at the most reasonable price around Nairobi

  • Ultrasound equipment was donated by Patchworking Against Poverty in 2012


Immunization Clinic

  • Patients can bring their children in to be immunized or vaccinated on Fridays

  • Quick and efficient service

  • Growth Charting

  • Educating Parents


Annual Medical Camps in Kisii

  • Wema hospital works in conjunction with Patchworking Against Poverty ( and has an annual medical camp in the rural villages of Kisii in the Western part of Kenya

  • Serves poor rural residents who cannot afford healthcare

  • Provides free diagnosis and treatments

  • Over the years the camps have seen over 20,000 patients tested and treated over the past 3 years

  • Laura Scott is one of the main contacts in this project and has worked tirelessly with Wema to provide these services and give back to the community​


John Thornton Assessment Center

  • Center located directly behind Wema Hospital

  • Still a work in progress

  • Will be dedicated to educating women and youth in the slum on reproductive health, life skills and public health


DYWO (Dagoretti Youth Welfare Organization)

  • DYWO is and organization that works with drug addicts, prostitutes, HIV infected individuals and youth involved in crime

  • Will focus on educating affected individuals and keeping them clean

  • Potential outreach project for volunteers 

  • For more about this organization or to help them out go to (

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